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Notebook Battery HS04 HS03 for HP 240 245 246 250 256 G4, HP Notebook 14 15, HP 807956-001 807957-001 807612-421 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-LB6V N2L85AA 807611-421 807611-131 HS04041-CL (AC Doctor INC)

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

Buy with confidence! Direct from Manufacturer. High performance. Affordable price! We have been manufacturing the laptop battery for 11 years. And We Promise the Laptop Battery’s Quality for Customer.

Safety and Excellence Features:

* No memory effect, fast charge
* Low power consumption IC design
* Tested with strict quality control standards
* Over-charge protection
* Over-discharge protection
* Over-heat protection
* Over-current protection
* Short-circuit protection
* High capacity circulatory function

Compatible Computer Models List

HP 240 G4 Series
HP 245 G4 Series
HP 246 G4 Series
HP 250 G4 Series
HP 255 G4 Series
HP 256 G4 Series
HP Notebook 14 Series
HP Notebook 14g Series
HP Notebook 15 Series
HP Notebook 15g Series

Replace Part Numbers List


Product Warning: To reduce risk of fire or burns, do disassemble, crush, or puncture, do NOT short external contacts, do NOT dispose of in fire or water.

HS04 HS03 Laptop/Notebook New Battery Replacement for HP 807956-001 807957-001 807612-421 807611-221 240 G4 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-DB7I HSTNN-LB6V TPN-I119 807611-421 807611-131-[4 Cells/2200mAh/33Wh]

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

Compatible P/N:
807611-131, 807611-141, 807611-421, 807611-831, 807612-131, 807612-141, 807612-421, 807612-831, 807956-001, 807957-001, HS03, HS03031-CL, HS04, HS04041-CL, HSTNN-LB6U, HSTNN-LB6V

Compatible Models:
HP 240 G4, 245 G4, 246 G4, 250 G4, 255 G4, 256 G4 Series

HP Pavilion 14 Series:
14-ac000, 14-ac072tu, 14-ac073tu, 14-ac074tu, 14-ac080no, 14-ac100, 14-ac100na, 14-ac100nd, 14-ac100ne, 14-ac100nia, 14-ac100nl , 14-ac100nv, 14-ac100nx, 14-ac100ur, 14-ac101la, 14-ac101na, 14-ac101ne, 14-ac101nf, 14-ac101ng, 14-ac199ur, 14-af000, 14-af001au

HP Pavilion 14g Series:
14g-ad000, 14g-ad001tu, 14g-ad002tx, 14g-ad003tx, 14g-ad007tx, 14g-ad100

HP Pavilion 14q Series:
14q-aj000, 14q-aj001tx, 14q-aj002tx, 14q-aj003tx, , 14q-aj100, 14q-aj101tx, 14q-aj102tx, 14q-aj103tx, 14q-aj104tx, 14q-aj105tx

HP Pavilion 15 Series:
15-ac000, 15-ac097tu, 15-ac097ur, 15-ac098nia, 15-ac098nx, 15-ac098tu, 15-ac098ur, 15-ac099nia, 15-ac099tu, 15-ac099ur, 15-ac100 , 15-ac100nd, 15-ac100nf, 15-ac100ni, 15-ac100nia, 15-ac198tu, 15-ac198tx, 15-ac199ne, 15-ac199nia, 15-ac199tu, 15-ac199tx, 15-ac199ur , 15-ac500, 15-ac501tu, 15-ac502tu, 15-ac503tu, 15-ac504tu, 15-ac505tu, 15-ac506tu, 15-ac600, 15-ac600ur, 15-ac601tu, 15-ac601tx

HP Pavilion 15g series:
15g-ad000, 15g-ad001tx, 15g-ad002tx, 15g-ad003tx, 15g-ad004tx, 15g-ad005tx, 15g-ad006tx, 15g-ad007tx, 15g-ad100, 15g-ad101tx , 15g-ad102tx, 15g-ad103tx, 15g-ad104tx, 15g-ad105tx, 15g-ad106tx, 15g-ad107tx, 15g-ad108tx, 15g-ad109tx, 15g-ad110tx

HP Pavilion 15q series:
15q-aj000, 15q-aj001tx, 15q-aj002tx, 15q-aj003tx, 15q-aj004tx, 15q-aj005tx, 15q-aj006tx, 15q-aj100, 15q-aj101tx, 15q-aj102tx, 15q-aj103tx, 15q-aj104tx, 15q-aj105tx, 15q-aj107tx, 15q-aj108tx, 15q-aj109tx, 15q-aj110tx, 15q-aj111tx

NinjaBatt Pro Laptop Battery for HP 807956-001 807957-001 HS04 HS03 807612-421 807611-221 240 G4 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-DB7I HSTNN-LB6V TPN-I119 807611-421 807611-131 – Samsung Cells – [4 Cells/2600mAh]

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

Porter Cable PCCB122C2 20V MAX Dual Port Charger Bag with two Batteries

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

Size:Pack of 1

The PORTER-CABLE PCCB122C2 Dual Port Charger Bag features (2) compact 20V Max batteries and a removable Dual Port charger with a USB port. The bag has the ability to store up to 10 batteries or 2 tools. It comes with a divider section to keep charged and uncharged batteries separate. The Dual Port charger will fully charge 2 batteries simultaneously in just 40 minutes. Backed by a PORTER-CABLE 3 year limited warranty. Includes: (2) PCC681L 20v MAX* Batteries, (1) Removable Dual-Port Charger, (1) Storage Bag.

DTK Laptop Battery Replacement Hp Probook 4330s 4331s 4430s 4431s 4435s 4530s 4535s 4536s 4440s 4441s 4446s 4540s 4545s Series [6-Cell 10.8v 4400mah] Notebook Battery

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

PA06 849911-850 Laptop Battery for HP Omen 17 17-w 17-ab200 17t-ab00 Series 17-w053dx 17-w253dx 17-w033dx 17-ab011nl 849571-221 849571-241 849571-251 PA06062 HQ-TRE HSTNN-DB7K – 12 Months Warranty

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

About Domallk

Domallk Inc. is dedicated to provide high quality products and top-notch service for our customers and your item is backed by 12-months warranty,our online Customer Service Group always here for you.As you begin to use the product, please let us know if there is anything we can assist you with,thanks.

Replace Part Number:

849571-221 849571-241 849571-251 849911-850 HQ-TRE HSTNN-DB7K PA06 PA06062 TPN-Q174 849571-221

Compatible Models :

HP Omen 17 Series

HP Omen 17t-ab00 17t-ab200 Series

HP Omen 17-w Series:

17-w000 17-w002ng 17-w003ng 17-w005ng 17-w006ng 17-w007ng 17-w008ng 17-w009ng 17-w010ng 17-w012ng 17-w013ng 17- w031ng 17-w032ng Omen 17-w200 17-w200ng 17-w201ng 17-w203ng 17-w204ng 17-w205ng 17-w206ng 17-w207ng 17-w208ng 17-w209ng 17-w210ng 17-w211ng 17-w212ng 17-w213ng 17-w214ng 17-w216ng 17-w217ng 17-w218ng 17-w219ng 17-w221ng 17-w223ng 17-w225ng 17-w228ng 17-w240ng 17-w241ng

HP Omen 17-ab200 Series

17-ab000 17-ab000ng 17-ab001ng 17-ab002ng 17-ab003ng 17-ab004ng 17-ab005ng 17-ab006ng 17-ab008ng 17-ab009ng 17- ab010ng 17-ab011ng 17-ab031ng 17-ab200 17-ab200ng 17-ab201ng 17-ab202ng 17-ab203ng 17-ab204ng 17-ab205ng 17- ab206ng 17-ab230ng 17-ab232ng 17-ab233ng

Buy with confidence
Risk Free Purchase: 60 days money back guarantee and free exchange in 12 months
Ship next business day
24 x 7 Email Support

New GHU Battery HS04 HS03 807957-001 807956-001 Compatible with HP 245 G4,250 G4 255 G4,256 G4 Series Notebook 14G 15g 14.8V 2600mAh 807957-001 HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-LB6V 807611-421 HSTNN-PB6S

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

43Wh 11.4V NP03XL Laptop Battery for HP Envy X360 15-U011DX 15-U010DX 15-U111DX 15-U110DX 15-U337CL,Pavilion NP03XL X360 13-A010DX 13-A110DX 761230-005 760944-421 13-A013CL,P/N:TPN-Q146 TPN-Q147

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

Important Note:
1、Please check your Laptop Models and battery Part Numbers to ensure you are getting the correct battery!
2、NOT Fit HP Envy M6/M6-K Series laptop!!!
3、Please press [Ctrl + F] to search your models.

Product Description:
Voltage: 11.4V
Capacity: 43Wh / 3720mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion
Color: Black

Compatible Models:
NOT Fit HP Envy M6 M6-K Series laptop!!

HP Envy 15T-U000 15T-U100 15T-U200 15T-U300 15T-U400 15-U001XX 15-U010dx 15-U011dx 15-U110DX 15-U111DX 15-U310NR 15-U337CL 15-U363CL 15-U399NR 15-U410NR 15-U437CL 15-U473CL 15-U483CL 15-U493CL 15-U499NR X360

HP Pavilion 13-a000 13-A013CL 13-A001AU 13-A010Dx 13-A012DX 13-A068CA 13-A072NR 13-A081NR 13-A091NR 13-A110DX 13-A113CL 13-A120LA 13-A201TU 13-A233CA 13-A317CL 13-B101TU 13-B116T 13-B116TU 13-B201TU 13Z-A000 X360

Compatible Part Numbers:
760944-421 760944-541 761230-005 G6T84UA G6T84UA#ABA HSTNN-LB6L HSTNN-UB6L J8C75PA NP03XL TPN-Q146 TPN-Q147 TPN-Q148 TPN-Q149

Buy with confidence!
12-Month Warranty
Ship next business day
24 x 7 Email Support

DTK HS04 HS03 807956-001 807957-001 Laptop Battery for HP 240 G4 / 245 G4 / 250 G4 / 255 G4 / HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-DB7I HSTNN-LB6V TPN-I119 807611-421 Notebook 14.8V 2200mAh

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

Futurebatt LA04 LA04DF Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 14 15 Notebook PC Series 15-f272wm 15-f211wm 15-f233wm 15-f387wm Battery Compatible P/N: Spare 776622-001 728460-001 TPN-Q130 12-Month Warranty

Last update was on: Monday, August 31, 2020

Note: HP Spare 776622-001 Battery has LA04 and LA03 models, !!!!! — Please search B07BJ63HBZ If you need HP Spare 776622-001 Battery for HP LA03!!! Thank you!

Compatible Laptop Models:

HP Pavilion 14 Series
HP Pavilion 14 TouchSmart Series
HP Pavilion 15 Series
HP Pavilion 15 TouchSmart Series
HP 248 Series
HP 248 G1 Series
HP 340 Series
HP 340 G1 Series
HP 350 Series
HP 350 G1 Series

Compatible Part Numbers:

HP: 728460-001, 752237-001, 776622-001, 888182064801, 888793070383, F3B96AA, F3B96AA#ABB, HSTNN-IB6R, HSTNN-UB5M, HSTNN-UB5N HSTNN-Y5BV, HSTNN-YB5M, J1V00AA, LA04, LA04041-CL, LA04041DF-CL, LA04DF, TPN-Q129, TPN-Q130, TPN-Q131, TPN-Q132

Use “Ctrl” + “F” to find your models

Buy with confidence!
12-Month Warranty
Ship same or next business day
24 x 7 Email Support

Futurebatt offers High Quality Laptop Battery, Chargers and Power Banks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer support for assistance.


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